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Concrete Lap Pools

Concrete Lap Pools – Transform Your Central Coast Backyard with Boss Pools

If your dream entails a tranquil backyard sanctuary, where you can enjoy peaceful lap swimming or a revitalising plunge on a warm day, then a concrete lap pool by Boss Pools – the premier swimming pool builders on the Central Coast – is the answer. Our team, fortified by comprehensive expertise, unrivalled passion, and a full building licence, crafts distinctive outdoor spaces that transcend mere functionality. They are designed to augment your lifestyle and escalate your property’s worth.

What sets Boss Pools apart is not just our prowess in creating exceptional concrete lap pools. As licensed builders, we are equipped to take on the full spectrum of your project needs. This includes crafting elegant decking, constructing functional pool houses, delivering landscape transformations, and even building chic outdoor kitchenettes and cosy fire pits. With Boss Pools at your side, you get a complete package – a masterfully designed and executed outdoor oasis right in the heart of the Central Coast. This unmatched commitment to delivering holistic outdoor solutions is what makes Boss Pools the preferred choice for discerning homeowners.

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Creating backyards that are more than just backyards

The Magic of Concrete Lap Pools

Concrete lap pools are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners who are seeking an elegant, practical, and long-lasting swimming pool solution. Thanks to their flexible design and robust construction, concrete lap pools offer homeowners the chance to create a custom swimming haven that fits impeccably into their backyard.

In addition to providing a dedicated swimming lane, these pools serve as a focal point of your landscape, creating an ambience of tranquillity and luxury. They can be tailored to any size and shape, allowing you to maximise your available outdoor space and create a design that complements your home and personal style.

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Our Process

Boss Pools have been in the industry long enough to have our process down to a fine art. From initial enquiry to the completion of your swimming pool and backyard, we work with you every step of the way, priding ourselves on complete customer satisfaction.


Initial Meeting

Obligation-free meeting at the customer’s house for an introduction and measure of the space. We gain an understanding of the customer’s vision and budget.


Design Phase

We then spend time in consultation, designing a plan and if required can have 3D renderings drawn for the customer to visualise the finished product prior to accepting any quote or signing any contracts.


Council Requirements

We then advise the customer of any council requirements in regard to approvals needed and we organise all of these on their behalf with the Council and any relevant authorities.


Work Begins

Once approval is gained we book a time slot for excavation and begin the construction on site. The approval process takes approx. 4 weeks, and the construction process can take approx. another 4 weeks.

The Boss Pools Difference

What sets Boss Pools apart in the realm of concrete lap pool design and construction? Firstly, it’s our unique status as fully licensed builders, which empowers us to manage your entire project from start to finish, including ancillary constructions like pool houses, decking, cabanas, and outdoor kitchens. This ability ensures a smooth, stress-free process with a single point of contact and no need to coordinate with multiple trades.

Our local focus on the Central Coast allows us to understand the unique tastes, preferences, and requirements of our clients in this region. This understanding influences the bespoke designs we create, which align seamlessly with the coastal lifestyle and aesthetic.

Finally, our commitment to superior quality and meticulous attention to detail means every pool we build is a testament to our dedication and expertise. Our concrete lap pools are constructed using high-quality materials and advanced techniques, ensuring they are built to last and provide years of enjoyment.

Essential Considerations for Designing an Exceptional Concrete Lap Pool

Designing a lap pool extends beyond merely choosing the appropriate equipment and finalising a design. At Boss Pools, our extensive experience in bringing to life top-notch lap pool projects has taught us that multiple crucial factors are at play to achieve the best results. We’re about to explore five fundamental elements to ponder during the planning phase of your lap pool design. These elements serve as the cornerstones to guarantee an exceptional and unrivalled swimming experience.

In this exciting journey, each decision made, and each aspect evaluated plays a substantial role in the final outcome. From assessing the desired dimensions and heating solutions to selecting pool covers and considering accessibility, every step contributes to the overall look, feel, and function of your lap pool. By shedding light on these crucial considerations, we aim to equip you with the knowledge and insights to create a lap pool that’s not just visually appealing, but also perfectly attuned to your specific needs and preferences. Let’s embark on this insightful journey together, with Boss Pools as your trusted guide.

1. Pool Dimensions: Finding the Perfect Length and Width

The dimensions of your lap pool are key to its practicality and appropriateness for lap swimming. While there's no definitive length for a lap pool, at Boss Pools, we advise choosing a length that offers a fulfilling swim with minimal interruptions due to turns. For residential lap pools, common lengths range between 12.5m and 25m. However, a unique advantage of concrete pools is their customisation capability, allowing us to cater to your specific needs. We've served clients who've chosen lap pools as compact as 8m, which, while visually pleasing, may not cater to serious swimmers. As for the width, you can take a cue from standard commercial swim centres, which usually feature lap lanes around 2.5m wide. This width comfortably accommodates two swimmers simultaneously. Based on requirements, we've created lap pools with widths from 1.5m to 4m, though most fall within the 2m to 2.5m range. Pool depth is another factor to consider, particularly if diving is part of your plan. A depth of approximately 2.0m is suggested for diving, but many lap pools we construct today maintain a steady depth of 1.2m. This depth supports tumble turns while also being more cost-effective in terms of upkeep and construction. When planning the dimensions of your lap pool, consider the number of swimmers using it at the same time, the desired swimming distance before each turn, and if diving facilities are important. At Boss Pools, our expertise and client-focused approach ensure that your needs and preferences guide our construction process.

2. Heating Solutions: Enjoying Your Lap Pool Year-Round

Selecting the ideal swimming season and temperature for your lap pool is essential in choosing the most effective heating system. If your swimming routine aligns more with the summer season and you favour a temperature around 25 degrees Celsius, solar heating might be an excellent choice for you. Solar heating utilises the sun's energy to naturally and sustainably warm your pool water. However, if you envision swimming throughout the year or in the early mornings, additional heating options may need to be considered. Gas heaters and heat pumps are popular alternatives that offer efficient temperature control for all seasons. With the expert team at Boss Pools, we can guide you in identifying the most suitable heating solution that meets your specific needs and preferences, ensuring your swimming experience is comfortable and enjoyable no matter the season.

3. Pool Cover: Enhancing Energy Efficiency and Convenience

To ensure steady heat retention in your lap pool and minimise energy expenses, a pool cover becomes a necessity, especially if you plan on heating your pool all year round. There are a multitude of solutions available to cater to this need. One such method is the construction of an indoor lap pool, which guarantees year-round usage and regulated temperature control. However, it's worth noting that indoor pools may come with a higher price tag and can limit the enjoyment of the outdoors during the warm summer months. A solution that bridges this gap is the installation of a retractable polycarbonate dome. These domes offer the best of both worlds, allowing you to encase the pool when needed and savour an al fresco experience in good weather. Another feasible alternative is an outdoor cover, such as a thermal blanket on a roller or a fully automated system. These types of covers provide ease of use, energy efficiency, and defence against debris. The team at Boss Pools brings its wealth of expertise to guide you in selecting the right pool cover solution, considering your unique requirements and budget. Your comfort and satisfaction in your swimming experience remain at the heart of our offerings.

4. Utility: Versatility & Enjoyment

While lap pools are predominantly designed for exercise, it's crucial to contemplate the wider needs of your family. Integrating extra features and sections can significantly enhance the overall utility and enjoyment derived from the pool. You might want to consider adding offset areas for leisurely play, swim-outs for tranquil relaxation, spas for health and wellness benefits, or striking water features to establish an inviting and visually enticing environment. Creating a harmonious blend of exercise and relaxation elements allows your lap pool to meet the varied interests and requirements of your family members, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging aquatic experience. The team at Boss Pools leverages its extensive expertise to guide you in designing and constructing a pool that not only caters to your swimming needs but also enriches your outdoor living experience. With Boss Pools, your lap pool becomes more than an exercise area; it becomes a versatile and valuable addition to your home, promising enjoyment for everyone.

5. Pool Access: Streamlining Your Swimming Experience

When it comes to lap pool design, ensuring seamless access is vital for facilitating uninterrupted swimming sessions. Traditional internal steps within the pool can disrupt the fluidity and compromise the overall lap swimming experience. To address this issue, the experienced team at Boss Pools recommends considering offset steps or niche wall steps, complemented with a sturdy stainless-steel grab rail. These alternatives promote smooth entry and exit, remove any potential obstacles, and preserve the aesthetic and functionality of the lap pool design. By placing a premium on accessibility and user-friendliness, you can maximise the efficiency and pleasure derived from your lap pool. At Boss Pools, our client-focused approach and extensive expertise guide us in tailoring solutions that elevate your swimming experience, ensuring your lap pool is more than just a swimming area - it's a space thoughtfully designed for your comfort and enjoyment.

Embarking on Your Concrete Lap Pool Building Journey with Boss Pools

Designing a lap pool is a meticulous process that requires careful consideration of numerous elements to ensure a truly gratifying swimming experience. By attentively addressing factors such as pool dimensions, heating systems, pool cover solutions, versatile features, and convenient access points, you’re poised to create a lap pool that not only meets, but surpasses expectations, and caters uniquely to your family’s needs.

At Boss Pools, we are zealous about bringing to life bespoke pool designs that align perfectly with your needs. With our wealth of expertise and unwavering commitment to delivering quality, we have the capability to turn your vision into a tangible masterpiece.

Starting your concrete pool building journey with Boss Pools isn’t just about construction, it’s an exciting expedition of creativity and cooperation. From conceptual design to the finishing touches of decking and landscaping, we engage closely with you to actualise your dream. Your envisioned concrete lap pool, reflective of your personal style and expertly tailored to your lifestyle, is easily attainable with Boss Pools at your side.

Take that first stride towards transforming your backyard into a personal haven. Immerse yourself in the smooth pool building experience that Boss Pools offers and remember, you aren’t just building a pool, you’re meticulously crafting a sublime outdoor sanctuary.
Reach out to us today, and let’s start shaping your dreams into reality.